Electric hook-ups

How much money should I put on the meter (these are suggested amounts based on average summer usage)

  • £5 is the minimum amount of money you can put on your hook-up with www.topupmeters.co.uk 
  • Any money left on your meter when you leave can not be re-funded
  • 1 days electricity   – £5 minimum
  • 2 days electricity – the original £5 should cover two days unless it is cold weather and you are using electric heating
  • 3 days electricity – total £6 including day one’s and two’s electric.
  • 4 days electricity and over – add an extra £2 per day onto the 3 day suggested rate.
  • You can add more money to your hook-up at any time, subject to the minimum amount of £5

To add your chosen amount of money to your hook-up either:

  1. Zap the QR code on the top of the hook-up nearest to your blue socket marked “Add credit”. This will take you directly to the payment page, for that specific meter, on topupmeters.co.uk web site. Add the minimum amount of £5 or more and make your payment. Sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes for the money to reach the meter and turn on.
  2. Go to www.topupmeters.co.uk  and click on the button “MAKE A TOPUP”. On this page it will ask for the meter serial number and ID code that you can see through the Perspex window on the pitch hook up or from the list below. Be sure to add the details from the meter nearest to your blue plug. Then on your phone/computer screen select on the slider how much money you want to add. Then add your email address (telephone number if you wish). Tick the box “I accept topupmeters terms and conditions and privacy policy” Then click the button “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” and follow the instructions.
  3. This option is the same as 2 above but you do not need to be looking at the hook-up (meter). follow the instructions above and use the meter details below when you know which pitch you have been allocated. Another person/family member can top-up the meter, with money for you remotely when you are given your pitch number, again using the meter details below. 

Pitch Meter Serial and ID Codes

Pitch 1 – EML2305902808          DC698
Pitch 2 – EML2305902805          DC695
Pitch 3 – EML2305902804          DC694
Pitch 4 – EML2305902803          DC693
Pitch 5 – EML2107494409          78B49

Pitch 9 – EML2305902801          DC691
Pitch 10 – EML2249859447        D1D37
Pitch 11 – EML2305903007         DC75F
Pitch 12 – EML2305902802        DC692
Pitch 13 – EML2305902806        DC696
Pitch 14 – EML2305902807        DC697


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