Village Walk

Wookey village and river walk

(taking in 2 pubs and the mill for refreshments!!)
(1hr 10 minutes average pace, 1hr 30 minutes relaxed pace)

A 2.75 mile level walk that takes in the short ford on the river Axe. Then along the banks the river. Past the historic Court farm to the Burcott mill and tea room. Burcott pub opposite. Back along the river Axe towards the village. Past the church and the Ring of bells pub down the quiet lanes to the long ford and back across our fields to the campsite.
2 short cuts.
Suggest a dog lead if you have a dog
No need for wellies to cross the river

Start at Wookey farm campsite.
At the entrance, turn right down the lane.
As you get to short water (the short ford) turn left through the field gate (foot path).
Follow the right hand hedge 100m.
Turn right into the small field and follow the right hand hedge until you reach the narrow bridge across the river Axe.
Cross the bridge and head left to follow the river bank through 3 fields. In the third field you leave the river and go through the metal kissing gate with stile into the housing estate.
At the gate follow the path 4m to your left through the hedge then turn left along the path which then turns right. Straight along the path between the houses which opens out into Holmlea and walk straight through past the garages until you reach the village road.
Short cut- Turn left instead. Continue along the lane until you reach the left turning into Knowle lane and pick up with the * below.
Turn right and walk 75m and you will see a foot path entrance on your left (Signpost missing) behind some bushes in the hedge just past the Court farm entrance.
Follow this foot path keeping to the millstream across the field, passing the historic Court farm (With church behind) to your left.
On reaching the kissing gate and gravel track turn right.
Walk along the lane until you reach the main road and turn left.
Walk along the main road and past the Burcott mill and tea room and the pub.
Keeping on the left hand pavement for 175m past the pub turn left at the end of the stone wall.
Walk over the foot bridge (Don’t go into Sonny’s acres) and follow the river Axe and out over the stile, walk 20m to the next stile on your left.
Cross the field to the field gate and kissing gate on the other side roughly in line with the church spire.
Go through the gate and head right (straight on really) towards the village centre.
Take the second left keeping the grave yard on your left. Past the church and at the post box turn left and walk down the high street with the Ring of Bells on your right.
*Turn right (straight on again really) into Knowle lane.
After 200m go straight on, don’t turn down Monks ford. Continue down the lane, past Rushland farm, down to the corner (short cut over the stile on your left back to the campsite if needed) or continue down the lane to long water (the long ford, believed to be the longest in the country and possibly the deepest, so don’t think about driving through it)
At the beginning of the ford, where the river enters, on your left, there is an old wooden gate in the hedge. Climb over and follow the river through 3 fields back to the campsite.

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