Chick, chick, chicken.. lay a little egg for me

Our new arrivals: Lutikka – the beautiful black hen very kindly given to us by some of our campers. We’ve learnt that you should never introduce just one hen to a group… they are cruel! Think “hen pecked”, “pecking order”…. all friends now but it took a good few days before they let her out of the house.

Then a couple of weeks ago, a family in Wookey gave us their 4 hens and 2 ducks as they are moving away. We built a new pen for them but as you can see one of the white ones thought she’d go off for a day trip…. in come the scissors to clip the wings. Sorry hen but there are far too many dogs and foxes lurking about! The ducks are a bit camera shy so its very hard to get a good picture of them. They’re great fun to watch waddling about the pen and dipping in the little duck pond.

Egg laying – so you may think that with 10 hens we’d be over-flowing with eggs? Well not quite – they all decided to go off laying. Apparently its perfectly normal at this time of year – they’re just doing their autumn moult thing. I’m getting 3 or 4 a day now so hopefully they are getting back on track.

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