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Here at the farm we sell all our home-produced goodies in our teeny-tiny converted horse box farm shop. Milk, cheese, yoghurts and ice cream are usually available and meat (goat, lamb and pork) is kept in the freezer. Please feel free to check for availability – we’re not a big commercial farm so have meat when the meat is ready… and eggs when the hens are laying!

Dairy produce

Goats Milk
1 litre

Other goats milk products
Extra thick goats yoghurt                               470ml

Goats cheese
Ebbor gorge (creamy goat brie)        approx 120g
Plain soft goats cheese                                    100g pot
Garlic & herb soft cheese                                100g pot
Chilli & Garlic soft cheese                                100g pot
Cranberry soft cheese                                      100g pot
Wookey Salad Cheese (feta)
Burcott (hard Goats cheese)
Monks ford (Goats cheddar)
Yarley (goats halloumi)

Free-range meat (reared here on the farm)

6 Big Pork Sausages              (500-600g)           £4
Other Pork                                    from £6.50 p/kgTessa Munt
(Joints, chops, belly slices)

Goat kid meat
Diced meat 500g                  £7.25
Leg joints (1.6kg-2.1kg)       £13.00 p/Kg
Goat burgers x 4                   £7.00
Kid chops, rack, shanks also available


Lamb and Mint Burgers      
Half a lamb

Available at times
(Shoulder joint, leg joint, chops, breast meat)



Kiln-dried Logs                                 £5 per bag

Natural firelighter (box of 3)               70p


Contact: Sarah or Ian 01749 671859 / 07779 145441
Email: [email protected]


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