8 thoughts on “TV fame”

  1. Throughly enjoyed hearing about your journey tonight on tv ,a truly hardworking and inspirational family so wonderful to see it all take shape,well done to all of you .

  2. What a wonderful programme about your farm and family. You are inspirational. Hoping you are surviving 2020 and we look forward to visiting the farm with our grandchildren once we are out of lockdown in Wales.

  3. I loved watching your story on the tv and wish you every success in all that you do – and many congratulations on winning all of those awards for your cheeses! I have, today, taken delivery of a sample box and cannot wait to try them all. Good luck for all that you do in the future.

  4. Loved seeing your family enjoying rural life together, the children enjoying the freedom, space and nature around them.
    Great to see your business going from strength to strength.
    Hope the house building is progressing despite lockdown!
    We were laughing seeing our friend the market veg man on T.V.

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