Work experience in Wookey

Chloe is a first year vet student at Liverpool Uni and spent three days with us at the end of June. She was keen to learn all about goats and get as much experience as possible. Here she is giving one of the kids a clostridial vaccination. She also helped with the foot trimming, vaccinating all the other goats, milking, general health as well as all the everyday chores. On the final afternoon we arranged to visit one of the larger commercial herds near Shepton mallet where they are milking 700 goats! Thanks Chloe – you were a fantastic help.
I think her hair might be being nibbled!

Grazing Goats

The goats are out! We have made a paddock at the front of the building and 21 goats and 3 sheep are all happily settled in. They took a fair bit of coaxing out of the old shed and it took several trips shaking a bucket of feed to get them all across. They seem to be enjoying their new paddock now, dancing about in the sun.

Goats Galore!

Goats kidding everyday – lost count of how many kids! Very cute – lots of frolicking in the hay and even some goat acrobatics. Just wish they would stay still long enough for me to get a picture.

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