City Life to Country Life

We were delighted to feature on Channel 5’s series ‘City Life to Country Life’. Filmed during 2019 and first aired in 2020, it gives a glimpse into life at Wookey Farm. We were blessed with amazing weather on pretty much all the days they were filming so it makes Somerset and Wookey look idyllic. Our two boys were great on camera and they got some lovely scenes of family life – amazing seeing as Ali and Ed hardly ever sit still!

The goats were typically engaging and loved the extra attention, as well as all the dangly bits on the cameras and sound equipment!

You can come and see our farm for yourself, visit our farm shop or stay on our campsite. You can also buy the award-winning cheese through our online shop.

Thanks so much to Nicola, Charlie and the team.

Watch it here

ps Watching it was the most nerve-racking experience of our lives!

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