House news…. at last

As you may know, we have been living here at Wookey Farm for 10 years in a ‘delightful’ mobile home. You may also know the planning permission route is a long and arduous one.

Finally, we have got the ‘approved’ stamp from Mendip Council and can start building a house later this year. A few bits and bobs to sort first and a shed load of work for Ian to get done and then we can start digging!

Our lovely house, designed by Graham Burgess, has a traditional farmhouse look with a large roof of beautiful reclaimed clay tiles. It has super thick walls and triple glazed windows and will be up to passive house standard, so a very low energy house with no heating bills. We will be installing more solar panels, probably on a barn roof rather than covering up the lovely tiles. It has a cheese cellar underneath so we can age the Burcott in a traditional way. This also means for the first year, all we may see is a very large hole in the ground but at least it will have started. Ian will be managing it all and we’re expecting it to be at least 2 years before we move in. We are very excited!

Not the best picture, but it will give you an idea

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