Happy New Year – 2020

So what have we got in store for the start of 2020?

January and February are always our quiet months – the goats dry off in the last two months of pregnancy so we all have a break from milking and processing. Our little farm shop is still open with a smaller variety of produce. Still in stock is Burcott – our hard goats cheese, all the soaps (please ask for them as I’m having to store them in another building), plenty of meat – lamb chops, joints, diced goat meat, leg joints and burgers and our local apple juice.

March should see the pitter patter of tiny hooves… over 100 expected this year so come and meet them on 29th March at our ‘Baby Goat Open Day’

Ian is busy building a new, larger farm shop

Look out for a channel 5 TV documentary called ‘Our Simple Life’ which we feature in.

And who knows… could this be the year we finally start building a house?

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