‘Solo’ the piglet

As you can probably guess from the name – we had just one piglet!
Not sure why we only had one, the mother ‘Bubbles’ was healthy, possibly a little overweight and it was her first time, but a surprise. ‘Solo’, named for obvious reasons, had to come into our house as she was literally freezing the night she was born and hadn’t got the hang of feeding and then Bubbles’ milk didn’t come in so we’ve ended up bottle-feeding little Solo. She is very cute and very friendly. She lives with her Mum but is still fed by me. 

‘Max’ the boar, is coming back today so we can have another go with Bubbles.

As Solo obviously isn’t going to keep us and our campers in bacon and sausages (and we’re possibly too attached to her now anyway), we bought some weaners to fatten up.

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