Spring 2013

Following the non stop rain in 2012, we’re hoping for a brighter 2013. Signs of spring are already appearing at Wookey farm . Grass growing, daffodils are out and new life on the way. Here’s whats new…

The first kids of the year have been born. With plenty more due at the end of March.

The compost loos are moments away from being finished, just need to get the water connected and put up some curtains.

A new pipe has gone in to take rainwater and surface water down to our wildlife pond – currently piles of earth everywhere but hopefully when we’ve got all the pipes in, we can get all back to normal.

Will has come to work for us, helping out with goats.

And of course our second little boy was born on 12th Jan.

Ali, our 2 year old, finally got around to learning to walk and is now “helping” with the goats.

Look forward to seeing campers old and new this year..

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  1. We’ve just come back from one of the best family weeks we’ve had in a very long time. Harvey (10) and Neve (8) are now fully converted goat farmers and Nicki (forty something) is not only mum to our own two children but is now the adoptive parent of 14 new kids, all who have arrived in the past 48 hours. From a Dad’s perspective it’s been great. To get involved helping Ian (I have to say Nicki was more adept than me) to feeding the kids with my children has been a real change from my ususal working week.

    Wookey Farm is a real hidden gem. We’re almost scared to shout about it too loud in case everyone discovers it. Ian and Sarah are fabulous hosts who’s enthusiasm and passion is second only to how hard they work.

    With Cheddar Gorge 15 minutes in one direction and Wells 10 minutes in the other we have been spoilt for choice for the whole week – that’s when we could prise the children away from milking, kidding, feeding, cuddling, rounding-up sheep, throwing the ball for Jake and collecting eggs.

    Oh and Sarah – the Tagine made the perfect supper.

    Looking forward to our returning soon.
    Best regards, Dennis, Nicki, Harvey & Neve.


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