The new pigs

Our new pigs. We went off to the market yesterday – there were some more Oxford Sandy and Blacks, which were the breed we had last time, but they were in batches of 7 and we thought that might be too many. There were also two pens with three Berkshires in each. 10 weeks old, in very healthy condition so we bid for them and got the 2nd pen.

It took them about half an hour to break out, into the goat paddock so they were all having a great run around the field! They’ve also wasted no time digging up the grass – I think we had it easy with the Sandy and Blacks. Time will tell.

“Berkshire: Thought to be one of the oldest pig breeds, the Berkshire is classified ‘at risk’.” Read more

1 thought on “The new pigs”

  1. we are hoping to come to your farm in october we live on the east coast so it will be a long trip,but looking at your pics it will be worth it as i am mad about piggies,i think my hubby and kids might leave me there if i go on about the too much lol


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