Farm sales

Pleased to say we now have the following for sale…

Whole pasteurised goats milk – 80p a pint

Pork sausages – £6.50 per kg

Pork spare ribs – £2.50 per pack of 4

Pork chops – £4.50 per kg

We store all produce in the freezer (even milk), so please allow time for defrosting.

All pork comes from our own home-grown pigs.



After much deliberation, our donkey finally opted for ‘Pickles’ as his name. He’s gradually getting more and more friendly and comes up for nose rubs and ear tickles now.

99 donkey names

Thank you to everyone who suggested names for the donkey – we are still choosing… but here they all are:
Wookey Dookey Donkey, Noah, Dopey, Jubilee, Herbert, Jacob, Muriel, Wonkey the Donkey, Spud, Oscar, Romeo, Cora, Honker, Dougie Donkey, Bogart, Kendoy, Trevor, Wonkee, Wonka, Barry, Brownie, Dingbat the Donkey, Priddy Polly, Dynamo the Donkey, Elvis, Dobbin, Pookey, Marmite, Pixie, Dash, Sidney (Sid), Tootsie, Humphrey, Twiggy, Hilda, Derry, Jubilee, Hamish, Jasper, Genki, Donkers, Merlin, Dave, Desmond (Dezzy/Dez), Winky Wonkey the Wookey Donkey, Shaun, Dillys the Donkey, Huw, Caramel, Cadwallader, Pascoe, Chewee, Geoffrey, Dumpy, Trigger, Pickle, Jazz, Orson, George, Pickles, Wilfred, Darwin, Wonkey Donkey from Wookey, Dank the Donkey, Barney, Willie, Arthur, Oak, Dougal, Eeyor, Biscuit, Harry, Momo, Dinky, Milo, Oliver, Zebedee, Aston, Delaney, Shrek, Bear, Duncan, Lucky, Hazel, Krankey, Poppins, Eeyore, Donkey, Chewy (Chewbacca), Dinner-time, Kong, Eddie, Mr Murphy, Mister Ed, Delaney, Charlie, Blue, Coco.

I’m just waiting for one more – where I wasn’t sure which was the suggested name.

Only a few repetitions – a great range of funny, cute, silly and well thought out names. Answer to be published soon…..

Last chance to name the donkey

Final few days of our ‘name the donkey’ competition. Your chance to win 2 nights at Wookey Farm Campsite. Competition closes midnight 6th May….. email [email protected]
On Tuesday, we’re going to take the list outside and call all the names out to see which one he likes best.

Win a free weekend camping

Last Tuesday we welcomed a new friend to Wookey Farm. A donkey. Ian’s childhood friend, Kevin, keeps a herd of donkeys but needed to move this donkey to another home before he got too friendly with his sisters! He likes company so we’ve put him with the sheep. After an uncertain initial meeting, they are now all great friends although he is still a little unsure of Jake.

But… donkey doesn’t have a name! We enjoy involving our campers in what we’re up to on the farm and so we are asking you to come up with a name for our donkey. If we choose your name, you win 2 free nights camping (one unit) for you and your family.

Please send your suggestion to [email protected] by 6th May 2012.



We’ve planted various areas of trees around the farm and the latest lot is 450 trees around the campsite. Silver Birch, Rowan, Ash, Holly, Dogwood and many more. Hopefully this will create a bit more interest around the site – they’re very small at the moment but looking forward to seeing them in leaf. As usual, Jake has managed to get himself in on the action!

Barn Owl

Having seen an article in the Wells Journal “Bidding to boost the barn owl population”, we contacted Chris Sperring (Expert and Somerset Wildlife Trust vice-president) about how we could get involved with the scheme. He came over to the farm and thought we had just the right habitat to encourage barn owls. He was pleased with all the long, rough grass around the pond and found lots of evidence of field voles so perfect food for the owls. The aim of the Trust’s project is to get a barn owl box in every parish in Somerset. We were delighted that Chris thought we had a suitable habitat for the owls and we received the box that very day. Hopefully a breeding pair will take up residence and we will be able to watch them at dawn or dusk from the hay barn, so as not to disturb them. Ian attended a Community Barn Owl Project talk, given by Chris Sperring, to find out more about these lovely creatures. Find out more: Hawk and Owl Trust and Somerset Wildlife

This little piggy went to Wookey Farm

Here are our two little Oxford Sandy and Black piggies.

They are 10 weeks old and pretty heavy! They settled into their new home last night and then we let them out into the field this morning. They were exploring their new paddock, testing the boundaries and then one decided to take on the electric fence. He was out in a flash, through the hedge, onto the road. I ran out onto the road just in time to see him disappearing into Roger’s field. I fought my way through the hedge: no sign of a pig. I then heard Ian calling from the entrance, he must hav
e been running down the field while I was running up the road. We started to move in, not entirely sure what out plan was when he took a brave leap and was back in the paddock with his friend. One way to keep fit!

Visit to the Magdalen Project

Had a fantastic weekend down at the Magdalen Project. I was one of 16 people, on their ‘Learning for Growth’ course – all about growing your own organic veg and keeping livestock. Really interesting weekend and I’ve come away with lots of plans for my veg plot as well as how the chickens can help compost my veg beds. Also useful advice on lambing as (hopefully) our 11 ewes will be lambing in April – same time as the goats so it’ll be a busy month.

Baa Baa

Recently purchased 8 new sheep for the farm. 

The three in the foreground are our Suffolk sheep and the slightly camera shy brown and white sheep are the new Jacob sheep, known for their lovely fleeces. Will try to take some close up pictures.

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