Walk 2 – One Tree Hill

Walk 2 – One Tree Hill Walk

1hr 45min (3.5 mile) circular hill walk With The Pheasant pub on route.

Flags on map are mile markers

  1. Turn right out of the camp site and down the lane to the river ford.
  2. At the far side of the small foot bridge head right over the wooden stile in the hedge and follow the footpath    straight over the next stile and follow the hedge to your left.
  3. At the hedge corner turn left and follow footpath signs across field and over the double stiles in the hedge. Cross the middle of the next field towards the tall tree in the hedge to the stile with sleeper Bridge and slip past the gate and over the stile. Follow the left hand hedge until you reach the hedge corner and go straight over to the double stile and bridge. From here bear diagonally right to opposite corner gate with stile to left onto the lane.
  4. Cross lane to the stile and footpath. Head slightly right of the telegraph pole in the field keeping a straight line and cross the wooden bridge over the mill leat (stream). Follow the wooden fence on to gravel drive and through the gates to the main road.
  5. Straight over the main road onto footpath in the field. Head slightly to the left of the lone tree to the protruding hedge corner up the field. Over the stile and follow left hand hedge to the brow of the field.
  6. At the brow where there is a double stile to your left in the hedge, turn 90° right up to the “one tree”
    Admire the view of the Mendip hills, a glimpse of the sea, Glastonbury Tor, Wells Cathedral and last but not least Wookey farm!
    Retrace your steps back to the double stile. Turn right to the stile in the corner then follow the left hand hedge then across the open field straight down to the big tree. Over stile then left along the green lane. Continue some distance around a couple of bends, along straight until reaching the tarmac lane. Turn left onto lane.
  7. Turn right by the 1st cottage on the right and over stile into the field. Follow the hedge on your left but aim for the hedge in front about 50ft from the corner and cross stile. Walk parallel to the left hand hedge and over the next stile. Cross the field diagonally right (below the water works) to the next stile by the gate on to the lane. Left along lane and part way down the hill. Before the cottage take the stile on you left and head down the field to the gate on the lane. Turn right to the Red brick house on the triangle.
    Left again at the far side of the house and down the lane past the school to the The Pheasant pub (great beer, great food, great company).
    Head right out of the front door and cross the main road heading right for 100 yards to the Wookey sign and post box.
  8. At the post box head left along the footpath, through the kissing gate between the tin buildings, through the second wooden kissing gate and onto the footpath. Continue along the path keeping the houses and garages on your right until arriving at the metal kissing gate on you left. Through gate and head across paddock to the river Axe. Follow the river passing through the kissing gate over two stiles until reaching the narrow concrete bridge and cross. Cross the paddock and through gateway opening. Follow the left hand hedge to the gates and stiles turning right onto the lane and back to the camp site.


Hope you enjoyed

walk 2 map

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