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Our lovely British Toggenburg goats produce deliciously creamy milk which is ideal for cheese making. Sarah has been developing a range of cheeses as well as the bottled Whole milk and a lovely strained Greek style plain yoghurt.

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Starting with the soft mild spreadable cheese that comes in pots. We have four flavours, plain, garlic and herbs, chilli and garlic and cranberry. Next is our most popular cheese  ‘Brie de Chevre’ (now named Ebbor gorge)which as the name suggests is a brie style cheese. We make that in small rounds, approx 100g each. You can buy these either still firm so they are ideal for grilling/baking or ripe ‘n’ ready suitable for a cheeseboard. A Feta style cheese we call “Wookey salad cheese” as we’re not allowed to call it Feta as its now an area protected name. Customers have commented on the creaminess that comes through in our WSC. In the summer months Sarah makes Halloumi ready to top those BBQs, picnics and salads.

Sarah made our first hard cheeses at the end of Summer 2014. The cheese rounds are  matured for a minimum of 6 months when they can be sold, but are still quite mild or left a bit longer to mature for a more tangy taste. Sarah also makes a ‘goat cheddar’ which goes through the cheddaring process resulting in a smoother hard goats cheddar which we have named “Monks ford”.

Again in the summer Sarah makes a yummy yoghurt ice cream that we only sell in the farm shop to campers and visitors.

For the meat-eaters: we believe in ‘happy meat’. All our animals have plenty of space to run around, we feed them a natural diet so they mature at a normal rate and develop more flavour.

Goat meat is becoming more and more popular – its a healthy alternative to other red meats as its low in fat. Slow cooked, the diced meat makes delicious curries, tagines and stews. The legs are delicious when slow roasted with garlic and rosemary, basted with red wine or Somerset cider.

We also sell pork and lamb.

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