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Our lovely British Toggenburg goats produce deliciously creamy milk which is ideal for cheese making. Sarah has been developing a range of cheeses as well as the bottled Whole milk and a lovely strained Greek style plain yoghurt.

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We believe in ethical farming so the goats go outside in summer (and whenever the weather is dry) and live in cosy, straw filled barns in the winter. We don’t use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers on our grass meadows, from which we make hay or haylage to feed them in the winter.

Sarah has developed a range of cheeses: creamy pots of mild spreadable cheese, Ebbor Gorge (a brie-style cheese), Burcott hard cheese and in the summer we also make a salad cheese and halloumi. We also make a yummy yoghurt ice cream made with local seasonal fruit. We’re a small farm so Sarah is involved in the whole process of feeding and milking the goats, right through to making and packaging all the lovely produce. A real field to fork experience. Campers and visitors can see the goats being milked, watch the cheese making through the window and then buy produce from our farm shop. No need to worry about food miles, we’re talking food metres here!

We follow the natural cycle of the goats so they dry off for 2 months before kidding, then the kids get all the milk to start with and gradually Sarah starts sharing the milk with the kids once they are growing well. The joys of a small farm are being able to put the animals at the heart of our decisions. It doesn’t always make the most economic sense, but allowing the kids to drink their mothers milk makes more natural sense. I admit, in the first few years, we used to do what most other dairy farms do and pull the kids off and rear them on powdered milk, but I used to feel like Cruella De Vil, going in at night to take the kids so they would be hungry by the morning and more likely to take the bottle. 


For the meat-eaters: As well as the dairy goats, we also rear boer-cross-toggenburg kids and male kids for meat sales. We believe in ‘happy meat’ so all our animals have plenty of space to run around, inside and out, and we feed them a natural diet so they mature at a normal rate and develop more flavour. Goats generally have twins and we seem to get an even mix of girls and boys so its important to have a ‘purpose’ for all our boys.

Goat meat is becoming more and more popular – its a healthy alternative to other red meats as its low in fat. Slow cooked, the diced meat makes delicious curries, tagines and stews. The legs are delicious when slow roasted with garlic and rosemary, basted with red wine or Somerset cider. We also have burgers and sausages available at certain times of year. 

We also sell pork and lamb.




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