Goat Meat


A selection of cuts from our young goats – healthy, lean and nutrient dense meat. Delivery cost included.


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A selection of cuts from our happy, outdoor reared goats. 

Goat meat is considered one of the healthiest red meats as it is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also higher in iron than other red or white meats. It is a good source of high quality lean protein. Our animals graze outside on grass that is untreated by any herbicides or artificial fertilisers which means the grass is full of natural minerals and nutrients. The goats also have access to hedges where they browse happily on the varied trees and shrubs surrounding our land. This all helps to provide a nutrient dense meat which will benefit your diet.

Goat meat box contains:
1 x leg joint
2 x 400g diced meat packs
4 x goat burgers
1 x leg steak pack
1 x 500g mince meat 
1 x sultan of spice curry kit

Your meat will be sent frozen with suitable insulated packaging.

If you would like to collect in person, please contact Sarah on [email protected] to avoid the delivery cost which is already included in the price.

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400g diced, Pack of 4 burgers, Goat meat box


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