Wookey Fest Camping Jam

A fab weekend – still recovering! For Saturday night we had guitars, keyboard, drums and a sax all jamming away in the music tent with words on the screen so we could sing along. We also had campfire songs and junk percussion around the campfire. Torrential rain didn’t dampen the spirits, just the fire so we moved in under the music tent to carry on the fun.

After a slowish start to the day on Sunday, we were back with the music in the evening. More guitars, drums, singing and enthusiastic campers. I only got a few pictures so if anyone has any, please do email them to me and I can add them to the website.

Thank you Shaun for organising the music and projector. Thank you Tasha and Ben for the campfire songs.

Rope swing building

We’ve just spent a fun afternoon, along with campers, building two tyre rope swings. These are in the field next to the campsite, along the river walk. Ian is doing the final test on the swing and making a monkey of himself – more pictures in the photo gallery.

Work experience in Wookey

Chloe is a first year vet student at Liverpool Uni and spent three days with us at the end of June. She was keen to learn all about goats and get as much experience as possible. Here she is giving one of the kids a clostridial vaccination. She also helped with the foot trimming, vaccinating all the other goats, milking, general health as well as all the everyday chores. On the final afternoon we arranged to visit one of the larger commercial herds near Shepton mallet where they are milking 700 goats! Thanks Chloe – you were a fantastic help.
I think her hair might be being nibbled!

Grazing Goats

The goats are out! We have made a paddock at the front of the building and 21 goats and 3 sheep are all happily settled in. They took a fair bit of coaxing out of the old shed and it took several trips shaking a bucket of feed to get them all across. They seem to be enjoying their new paddock now, dancing about in the sun.

The Big Pitch

Did you know 30th May – 5th June is National Camping and Caravanning Week? I’ve just seen an advert on the club’s facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/thefriendlyclub
“The Club is urging everyone to get their family and friends experiencing and enjoying the great outdoors. The Big Pitch camp out will take place on Saturday June 4, during National Camping and Caravanning Week 2011”
Prizes to be won!

The Royal visit

The 29th April was not only a special day for Kate and Will but also for our little friend Bluebell.

Here you can see her being held by Princess Flower! Flower often visits us with her family and helps to bottle-feed these babies. She has kindly named them for us, although I think Bluebell is the favourite.

Products for sale

Next week we will have lamb and goat meat for sale. Get your orders in now!

Shoulder and leg joints (boned and rolled) – £11.50 per kg
Chops in packs of 4 – £11.50 per kg
Minced lamb – £9.50 per kg
Diced meat £11.50 per kg
Half a goat (diced) priced at £9.50 per kg (approx. 5kg)
Tandoori Masala goat sausages and goat and piquante pepper sausages – £4.95 per pack

Contact Sarah on 07779 145441 or email [email protected]

Goats Galore!

Goats kidding everyday – lost count of how many kids! Very cute – lots of frolicking in the hay and even some goat acrobatics. Just wish they would stay still long enough for me to get a picture.

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